Dr. Ayah Rashwan

Dr. Ayah Rashwan was raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with the dream of following her parents footsteps into a career in health care. Ayah grew up dancing and playing soccer, but it was through after school piano lessons when she learned that she liked working with her hands. As a University of Florida undergrad, Ayah volunteered with Streetlight, a palliative care hospital program that focused on children and adolescents with chronic illnesses. This experience helped Ayah realize that she wanted to align her career with pediatric populations and the preventative arm of dentistry. Ayah completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a double major in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology and Family, Youth, and Community Sciences, as well as a minor in Business. She then completed her doctorate training at the University Of Kentucky College Of Dentistry. With dental school complete, she pivoted to the Big Apple to pursue her passion in pedodontics by entering an advanced training program at NYU Langone’s Pediatric Dentistry program in Brooklyn, NY. Outside of dentistry, Dr. Rashwan can be found reading or doing hot yoga. Her hobbies also include traveling, nutrition, snowboarding, and appreciating the underwater beauty of the ocean when scuba diving.