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We are looking forward to your first visit to Dinosaur Dental! Before your visit please take a few moments to

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If you have not yet made your first appointment, please call our office at (607) 953 4445 and we will gladly get you scheduled!


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Guidelines for Parents

We are pleased you have chosen our office for your child’s dental needs. We strive to make this a welcoming, comfortable and even FUN place for them. We want your child to have the best care possible, and for you as a parent to understand their treatment. Our team will always review treatment needed before we begin. Please feel free to ask questions! You may choose whether or not you accompany your child to the treatment area for his/her appointment. If you would like to be in the room with them, we do ask that they are accompanied by only one adult. Our treatment rooms are set up for the Doctor, assistant, and patient. In order to provide the best care for your child, we need to be able to focus and concentrate on them alone. We do ask that siblings remain in the reception area for the duration of the appointment. If siblings are not old enough to play in the reception area with minimal supervision, please remain with them so that we can proceed with your child’s treatment. The waiting room is much more spacious and fun for the siblings. If you choose to be present, we suggest the following guidelines to improve the chances of a positive outcome:

  • 1. Be supportive of the Dinosaur Dental terminology:
    • We don’t use “needles” or “shots”, we use “sleepy juice so your tooth can’t feel anything.”
    • We don’t “drill” teeth; we “brush” them.
    • We don’t “pull” or “yank” teeth; we “wiggle” them.
    • We refer to cavities as “sugar bugs.”
    • Please try not to share any negative experiences that you have had at the dentist in front of your child at their appointment. While it may appear they are not listening, children understand more than we realize and this could begin to scare them.
  • 2. If you are in the room with us, please be a silent observer:
    • This allows us to maintain communication with your child.
    • 3-way communication is ineffective for your child. It can be confusing for them and cause them to become anxious during their appointment.
  • 3. In the occasion the patient is not cooperating, we may ask the parent to step out of the room – just into the hall way, while we try to get the patient back on track.
    • Many children will try to control the situation when their parent is in the room, but start to cooperate again when the parent steps out.
    • We do offer sedation as an option for treatment if the patient is still not cooperative for the appointment. Our team will go over this with you if this is the case.
    • We will continue to support your child at all times and work with them throughout their appointment

These are very important ways that you can actively help in the success of your child’s visit. We are confident that all will go well and hope that these guidelines will help prepare you with confidence for the upcoming appointment. Sincerely, The Dinosaur Dental Team

Rate Your Smile Survey

Please print out and complete this following survey to rate your smile. Bring this with you to your first appointment.