Carrie W.

My 4 yo has been afraid of going to the dentist. He would never allow the hygienist to look in his mouth. Since we started going to Dinosaur Dental that has changed! The hygienists and dentists are the most caring and compassionate people. They took the time to make my son feel comfortable and explained everything. They even cleaned my sons stuffed animal’s teeth, that he brought! I would highly recommend this practice.

Veronica M.

We love Dinosaur Dental. They are quick, clean, friendly, and professional. My kids love it here, especially with the TV’s on the ceiling so they can enjoy Netflix while getting work done, it helps distract them from the less comfortable moments. I drive 1 hr 20 minutes to take my kids here because the quality is really worth the drive.

Katelyn L.

I was amazed at the professional, friendly staff. They made my daughter feel so comfortable and worked incredibly fast to keep her that way. They know their job and do it exceptionally well. I highly recommend this practice!

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